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Your Source for Hearing Rehabilitation Excellence

Welcome to The Audiology Center

Your Source for Hearing Rehabilitation Excellence

The Audiologists at Mile High Hearing work with you to provide research-based, individualized solutions that will enhance your quality of life and address your hearing needs.

Our Services

Mile High Hearing is your source for hearing healthcare excellence. We offer comprehensive Audiology services, from extensive diagnostic testing to comprehensive rehabilitation. Like any other part of our bodies, the hearing system is unique to each individual. Our Audiologists provide customized diagnostic testing, counseling, educational information and rehabilitative options. Your ears may hear sound, but it is your brain that processes and understands auditory information. Our Audiologists with create a rehabilitative plan that is individualized and comprehensive in order to maximize your hearing and listening abilities.

We Take Pride in Educating Our Patients

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Providing You and Your Family with Great Hearing Healthcare

Our dedication to your health goes far beyond your basic hearing care needs. The Audiologists at Mile High Hearing believe in family-centered care because hearing loss not only impacts the individual, but also the people around him/her. Your appointments with our Audiologists will include comprehensive and high quality professional services to accomplish a successful hearing rehabilitation process. We encourage patients, family members, and friends to actively participate in the hearing rehabilitation process. We strive to establish a long term relationship with our patients in order to encourage open communication. That helps to ensure access to the professional services you need to maintain your hearing aids and optimal hearing healthcare. 

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